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QTVR is an Apple software product that allows one to combine multiple digital images into panoramas that can be panned across and zoomed in and out of. The QTVR software (QuickTime VR Authoring Studio) also can be used to combine multiple panoramas into VR scenes that can be navigated via hotlinks. An additional feature is the ability to create images of objects that can be rotated on-screen using the mouse to give the illusion of 3D. I have been experimenting with making geology-related panoramas, scenes, and objects for use in my lecture classes. Below are some examples which can be viewed on the web or downloaded. All require the QuickTime player (download free from Apple).
Note: The largest QTVR images below must be downloaded to your hard drive and then played using the QuickTime player. They are too large to run well within the web browser.

QTVR Panoramas and Scenes
Glacial Geology, Long Island, NY
Glacial and pre-glacial geologic history of Long Island revealed in the beach cliffs of Caumsett State Park, Lloyd Neck, New York.
West end cliff exposure of glacial sediments overlying older Cretaceous sands (1.3 mb).
Central cliff exposure showing older red and white Cretaceous sands (1.3 mb).
East end cliff exposure of glacial sediments (1.3 mb).
Bear Valley Strip Mine, Shamokin, PA
This is a well-known abandoned coal mine in the Valley and Ridge Province of eastern Pennsylvania. It is a visually impressive field site with synclines and anticlines exposed by strip mining in both cross section and in 3D.
QTVR Panorama (1.5 mb) - look from one end of the scene to the other, zoom in, zoom out. QTVR Panorama (3.5 m) - high resolution version of the same panorama. This version is best for downloading and importing into a PowerPoint presentation. It can be enlarged to fill the screen with little loss of detail.
QTVR Scene (10.mb zip file) - same panorama but with hot links embedded - view parts of the scene from different perspectives or view detail images of features such as fossils.

QTVR Objects
Olenellus trilobite, Lower Cambrian, PA
Grab the image with the mouse and rotate to view different lighting angles.
Low Res. (145 k)
Medium Res. (532 k)
Phacops rana eye, Middle Devonian, NY
Grab the image with the mouse and rotate to view the compound eye from different angles. Labels come and go as image rotates.
Low Res. (266 k)
Medium Res. (766 k)
High Res. (3 mb)
Fully rotatable Ammonite fossil (no thumbnail available) - Placenticeras, Upper Cretaceous, South Dakota (2.6 mb).

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