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QuickTime Virtual Reality comprises three types of digital media that can be imported into Power Point (provided that QuickTime is the default media player) or viewed using the QuickTime player. Panoramas are movie files that can encompass up to 360° of a view, allowing the user to pan around the view and zoom into and out of the frame. Objects are image movies that the user can manipulate with the cursor, rotating and zooming the image to view it from multiple perspectives. Scenes are linked panoramas and objects that can be used to create a virtual environment that the user can move through and explore. Because of its ability to create 3D perspectives for both small and large scales, QTVR is ideal for developing media for geological education in the classroom and on the Web. QTVR media can be produced using Apple's QuickTime VR Authoring Studio (Mac only) and VR Toolbox, which can be purchased for use on both Windows and Mac systems.

Four applications of QTVR that we are currently using in our geology courses at Hofstra University are illustrated above. All examples shown can be downloaded and we encourage the use of these media files for educational purposes. Permission must be obtained from the authors for any commercial use.

For their excellent technical assistance and for bringing to our attention the software and equipment needed to produce these digital media, we thank Barry Germond and the staff of Faculty Computing Support at Hofstra University.

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