Evolutionary Ecology and Geology of the Galápagos Islands and Ecuador - January Session, 2004

QTVR Panoramas

Floreana panorama thumbnail

View from Baronness' Lookout, Floreana
(Full 360° 1.4 mb)
Note vegetated cinder cones in the distance.

Sierra Negro panorama thumbnail

Caldera of Sierra Negro Volcano, Isabella (120° 838 kb)
Note dark lava flows on floor of caldera.

Summit of Volcan Chico thumbnail

View from summit of Volcan Chico,
Isabella (Full 360° 947 kb)
Recent lava field on north side of Isabella.

Bartolome panorama thumbnail

View from summit of Bartolome
(350° 4.0 mb)
Note spatter cones in foreground and Sullivan Bay lava fields in background. Pinnacle Rock (an eroded tuff cone) is visible on the right of the peninsula.

Punta espinosa panorama thumbnail

Punta Espinosa, Fernandina
(Full 360° 1.4 mb)
Shield volcanoes in background are Volcan Darwin (visible above) and Volcan La Cumbre .

Fernandina island panorama thumbnail

Aa lava flow on Fernandina
(Full 360° 1.5 mb)
Note aa lava overlying older pahoehoe flow. Shield volcanoes in background are Volcan La Cumbre (visible above) and Volcan Darwin.


Panoramic photography by J Bret Bennington
Department of Geology, Hofstra University

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