Geology 14S (NS)
Evolution: Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sexual Selection

Dr. J Bret Bennington

Course Materials

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Presentation Title

DD: Darwinism and Its Discontents
BF: Beak of the Finch

Other Resources / Reading

Introduction Introduction

The Paleontology Portal
Lab - The Geologic Timescale   Web Geological Time Machine
Evolution Before Darwin DD: 1  
Charles Darwin - Pt.1 - Beagle Voyage DD: 1-2 / BF: 1-7  
Charles Darwin - Pt. 2 - Origin of Species DD: 1-2  
Lab - The Marine Fossil Record   Paleontology - The Fossil Record of Life Website
Charles Darwin - Pt. 3 - New Synthesis DD: 5 / BF: 8-14  
Evidence for Evolution DD: 2,4 / BF: 15-20  
The Cambrian Explosion DD: 4  
Fossil Record of Vertebrate Transitions DD: 4  
Human Evolution I - Early Work DD: 7  
Human Evolution II - Recent Finds DD: 7  
Public Reaction -Darwin to Scopes   Expelled Exposed / Rebuttal

Informative Links

American Museum of Natural History - Darwin Exhibit

Complete Works of Charles Darwin Online

Darwin Correspondence Project

Understanding Evolution (University of California Museum of Paleontology)

NCSE (National Center for Science Education)

Creationist Links

The Discovery Institute

Answers in Genesis

Fun Stuff

They Might Be Giants "I am a Paleontologist" Song

Simpsons Evolution Intro

Richard Dawkins Rap (Beware the Believers)

Galapagos Rap (3.5* 'til infinity...)

Guinness Beer Commercial (noitulovE)

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