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Discovery Nights at Hofsta - this new lecture series at Hofstra features Hofstra science faculty discussing interesting and exciting new research and ideas. Lectures are free and open to the public. Teachers can receive letters recommending one hour of in-service credit for attending. Lectures are followed by telescope observing (weather permitting).
IDEAS Institute at Hofsta - The Institute for the Development of Education in the Advanced Sciences, based within the School of Education and Allied Human Services at Hofstra University, has been assembled to provide a focus on cutting-edge issues in science and technology for the general public, local public and private school teachers and administrators, and college educators. IDEAS sponsors workshops, conferences, and lectures for science teachers.
Stony Brook University Geology Open Nights - the Open Night programs at SUNY Stony Brook provide free Friday evening lectures on current topics of active research for which teachers may receive one hour of in service credit. In addition to Geology Open Nights, there are also Marine Biology, Physics and Astronomy Open Nights.
Long Island Geologists - LIG annually hosts two field trips and a conference on the Geology of Long Island and Metropolitan New York.
National Association of Geoscience Teachers (NAGT) - NAGT publishes a journal of earth science education and hosts an annual national meeting. The eastern section of NAGT hosts its own annual spring meeting featuring workshops, seminars, and field trips.
Geological Society of America (GSA) - GSA hosts both a national meeting and an Northeastern Section meeting which include seminars and workshops for teachers. Membership and registration fees are heavily discounted for K-12 educators.
New York State Marine Education Association (NYSMEA) - NYSMEA hosts an annual conference at Southampton College featuring workshops and field trips on coastal and marine biology, geology, and ecology.

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