Geology 001 (NS)
Planet Earth

Dr. J Bret Bennington

Course Materials

Exam One topics
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Updated for 2012-2013

Textbook Reading
Essentials of Geology - 3rd Edition by S. Marshak

Online Resources

Introduction to the Course
Ch. 1, 1-22, Ch. 11

Earth, Mars, Venus Compared

Earth Systems

Ch. 1, p. 23-25
Int. F, p. 356-359

Earth - Wiki
Elements and their Origins YES   Origin of the Elements
Minerals and their Properties


Ch. 3 Mineral Properties
Mineral Families
Ch. 3 Mineral Uses, Properties, Descriptions

Earth's Interior


Ch. 1, p. 25-30
Int. D, p. 232-238

Earth's Internal Structure and Composition
Magnetic Field and Plate Tectonics YES Ch. 2, p. 47-66  

Exam Two topics (Spring 2013)
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The Rock Cycle

Interlude A, p. 85-90
Interlude C, p. 194-197
Skim Ch. 4-7

The Organic Carbon Cycle

Ch. 19, p. 505-516

The Inorganic Carbon Cycle
Ch. 19, p. 505-516  
Global Warming YES Ch. 19, p. 505-516  
Climate Change
Ch. 19, p. 505-516  

Exam Three topics
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Plate Tectonics I - Continental Drift
Ch. 2, p. 34-37  
Plate Tectonics II - Sea Floor Spreading
Ch. 2, p. 37-46  
Plate Tectonics III -Modern Tectonic Theory YES Ch. 2, p. 46-end  


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