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HOFSTRA to Brooklyn/Penn Station via LIRR

Total travel time ranges from 1 hr 3 minutes to 1 hr 39 min.

Penn Station times are within a few minutes of Flatbush Avenue times. Change at Jamaica, except for Public Safety runs.

Walking directions to Hempstead train station (1.8 miles, 40 min): East on Hempstead Turnpike, becomes Fulton Ave (1.2 mile) (OR east on Front St). Then Right on Washington Ave (2 block) to Columbia, Left ½ block.

Leave Hofstra - Foot (40min) Leave Hofstra - Bus Train Leaves

Arrive Flatbush Ave

Total Travel Time by Bus


2:39p Deli (arr 2:53)

3:11p 4:03p 1hr 24min


3:39p Deli (arr 3:53)

4:04p 4:52p 1hr 13 min
  4:07p (arr Mineola 4:27) Public Safety 4:33p MINEOLA 5:10p 1 hr 3 min


4:24p Deli (arr 4:38)

4:53p 5:49p 1hr 25 min
  5:07p (arr Mineola 5:27) Public Safety 5:32p MINEOLA 6:06p 59 min


5:19p Deli (arr 5:28)

5:41p 6:34p 1hr 15 min


6:07p (arr Mineola 6:27) Public Safety

6:20p Hemp




1 hr 3 min


6:24p Deli (arr 6:38)

7:09p 8:00p 1hr 36 min
  7:07p (arr Mineola 7:27) Public Safety 7:33p MINEOLA 8:21p 1 hr 14 min
  8:10p (arr Mineola 8:30) Public Safety 8:33p MINEOLA 9:22p 1 hr 16 min

8:34p Deli (arr 8:48)



1hr 19 min

LIRR: http://lirr42.mta.info/schedules.php

Hofstra Bus: Train Shuttle Schedule

Reverse direction: Brooklyn to Hofstra Schedule -- Penn Station (Manhattan) to Hofstra Schedule

Driving time without traffic (per Mapquest): 43 min (30 miles). Rush hour driving is usually twice that. Allow 30 minutes for parking at Hofstra after 10 am.