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Brooklyn to Hofstra via LIRR

Total travel time ranges from 1 hr to 1 hr 44 min. Train to Hempstead unless otherwise noted.

IMPORTANT: For Mineola Trains, you must be in one of the LAST two cars. Descend stairs at the rear (NYC) end of the station and Hofstra and Adelphi buses will be to your right. If you exit near the taxi stand, you are at the wrong end of the station.

For Hempstead trains, be in the front of the train.

On italicized trains, the bus connection takes more than 25 minutes, slower than a fast walk. Walking directions from Hempstead train station (1.7 miles=30 min) : Left out the door on Columbia (1 block), Right on Washtington (2 blocks), Left (west) on Fulton Ave-Hempstead Turnpike.

Leave Flatbush Ave Transfer Jamaica Arrive Hempstead (Mineola) Lv Hempstead (Mineola) Arr Hofstra EST Total time
6:47a   7:33 meets train 8:00? 1 hour 10 min
7:41a Far Rockaway 8:01a Ronkonkoma 8:15a MINEOLA 8:20a MINEOLA 8:40a 1 hour
7:50a - 8:38a meets train 9:00? 1 hour 10 min
8:45a Jamaica 9:09a 9:25a MINEOLA 9:30a MINEOLA 9:50a? 1 hour 5 min
Every Hour at 05 after, 9:05am -3:05pm - X:58 meets train X+1:10? 1 hour 10 min
3:32p - 4:27p      
4:34p 4:54p 5:23p 5:28p 5:40p? 1 hour 6 min
5:06p 5:28p 5:57p -   1 hr 44 min
5:19p - 6:08p -   1 hr 31 min
5:45p 6:05p 6:36p 6:38p 6:50p? 1 hour 5 min

Reverse direction: Hofstra to Brooklyn/Penn Station

LIRR: http://lirr42.mta.info/sfweb/faces/index.jspx.

Hofstra Bus: campus bus schedule


Driving time without traffic (per Mapquest): 43 min (30 miles). Rush hour driving is usually twice that. Allow 30 minutes for parking at Hofstra after 10 am.