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Summer, Year Long, Junior Year Abroad and
Graduate and Post-Grad Programs


Summer, Junior Year and Grad Programs at Israeli Universities & elsewhere

Programs in Hebrew and in English and intensive Hebrew and Arabic study programs during the summer. For more info contact:

  • The Hebrew University of Jerusalem , (800) 404-8622. Hebrew U. programs include:
    • Summer session (in English), including intensive Hebrew or Arabic study.
    • Junior Year Abroad and One Year Program (in English) for undergraduates and graduate students.
    • One Year Programs (in Hebrew) and regular enrollment for undergrads and grad students. Papers and exams accepted in English even in the regular program.
    • the U. Wisconsin/Milwaukee-Hebrew University Semester in Jerusalem International Relations Study and Internship program. (Hillel has a brochure).

  • Tel Aviv University, (800) 665-9828. Tel Aviv U. programs include:
    • T.A.U. Winter Break Program on Environmental Challenges in Israel.
    • Summer Study Tour on the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
    • Kibbutz Study Program in connection with Kibbutz Gezer
    • Summer Session
    • semester or year-long Honors Program & Junior Year Abroad
    • The Arava Institute for Environmental Studies at Kibbutz Kitura. See below for details.

  • Haifa University (800) 334-0755.
  • Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (800) 962-2248.
    • Courses and one-on-one research projects in English, with off-campus volunteer and travel opportunities.
    • Six week Hebrew Ulpan program offered prior to each semester.
    • Hillel scholarships available for semester and year-long programs. See below for more.

  • The Oxford Institute for Yiddish Studies MA in Yiddish studies. One full-time year or 2-3 part time years. Classes and residential halls on the campus of the School of Oriental Studies, University of London, London.
  • Brandeis Collegiate Institute (mid-June to mid-July or mid-July to mid-August on a 3000 acre ranch outside Los Angeles)

    The Brandeis Collegiate Institute (BCI) is a 26 day exploration of self and Judaism within a safe, pluralistic community. Each session brings together young Jews (ages 18-26) with the world's finest Jewish scholars and artists in a living laboratory where they experience the multi-faceted aspects of Jewish life and culture. As BCI participants engage in the arts, study, community and the outdoors, they strive to define who they are and what they envision as their adult Jewish life.

    BCI has a historic relationship with Hillel's Soref Initiative for Emerging Campuses and a commitment to partnership in meeting the needs of students from campuses with smaller Jewish populations and limited resources. Because Ganzeh Galus Guide is a Soref campus, Ganzeh Galus Guide student members may attend BCI free of cost. For more information, contact Scott Aaron or 1-888-BCI-0060.

  • The Columbia Univ. - YIVO Uriel Weinreich Summer Program in Yiddish Language, Literature & Culture. The most rigorous, comprehensive program available in the academic study of Yiddish—a six-week intensive summer language course held on the Columbia University campus in New York City.
  • The Vilnius Yiddish Institute at Vilnius University in Lithuania announces its Summer Program in Yiddish. The course has an outstanding international faculty and the student body typically hales from as many as twenty countries on four or five continents. Extending for four weeks in August, the five-day weekly, 60-hour intensive course often can be applied for credit at American universities (we haven't checked the U's rules).

Israel Internships and Professional Opportunities

Contact the Israel Aliyah Center, (212) 339-6063.

  • Kibbutz experiences, including ulpan (Hebrew lessons), volunteering, etc. Flexible time periods, from 2 months to a lifetime. Contact the Kibbutz Program Center / Kibbutz Aliyah Desk, (800) 247-7852. Kibbutz programs include:
    • Project Oren on kibbutz (including summer and semester options of Jerusalem study & archaeology, Creative Arts workshop, Drama workshop, and Ulpan Hebrew study)
    • Ulpan (Hebrew study). Half day work, half day course plus room and board for no or nominal cost. 3 and 5 month programs.
    • Volunteer programs. Room and board at no or nominal cost in return for work on kibbutz. Minimum 2 month commitment.

  • Archaeology volunteering with the Israel Antiquities Authority.
  • WUJS Institute, Arad, Israel. Year long program for recent grads, including professional internships, study, travel, etc. (888) WUJS INS.
  • WUJS Institute/Technological College of Beersheva Computer Training Program, Arad, Israel. Seven months of Hebrew language instruction, Jewish/Israel studies courses, hiking, 250 hour computer training course in software engineering, C, C++, and Visual Basic languages, and networking, plus employment location assistance. Call toll free 1-888-WUJS INS for info.
  • Project Otzma. Leadership development program in Israel through UJF. Project Otzma, a 10 month international volunteer fellowship in Israel, is now accepting applications. The program focuses on training the future leaders of the Jewish Community while giving participants the opportunity to make valuable personal connections with Israelis. Project Otzma offers meaningful community service placements in many settings where participants work with diverse Israeli populations. This service component is reinforced through a series of educational and leadership training seminars as well as intensive Hebrew language study. The deadline for applications is March 1. To apply or for more detailed information contact Naomi Friedman, North American Coordinator of Project Otzma at 212.284.6721 or 1-877-GO-OTZMA; or visit Otzma's Web site:
  • Residential and non-residential Israeli yeshivot of various streams, including:
    • Livnot U'Lehibanot. Religious study and work in Jerusalem and Tzfat, long or short term programs. (888) LIVNOT-0.
    • Bat Kol, the new feminist yeshiva in Jerusalem (where one of our own studied summer '97)
    • The Shalom Hartman Institute (Jerusalem), (where our Faculty Advisor spent summer '97)
    • the Reform Movement's College Academic Year "CAY" program in Jerusalem and Liberal Beit Midrash program in Jerusalem for recent college graduates.
    • the Conservative Movement's Seminary of Jewish Studies (Jerusalem; programs also in NYC and LA). See below for more.
    • the Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies (Jerusalem). The Pardes Hillel Scholars Program offers half price year and summer programs for Hillel students; additional scholarships available. Contact Ganzeh Galus Guide or Pardes for details.
    • the Mayanot (Chabad) Summer and one year yeshiva programs (Jerusalem). Now offering full tuition scholarships.
    • The Learning Community at Yakar in Jerusalem. "The Learning Community is a Beit Midrash that brings the wisdom of the ages to the situations of today, integrating analytical and experiential approaches. Our year-long program is open to individuals of all ages, Jewish backgrounds, and levels of observance. We especially welcome the students who bring with them life’s experience, the lessons that are not taught in any class. Full or part time study available. Contact Yakar at, read the FAQ or call 972-2-561-2310."

  • More Study or Work in Israel.
  • The Jerusalem Report publishes a superb guide to dozens of Israel-based programs annually in November. More suggestions at the following:

Other Internships, Summer and Year Long Opportunities in Israel and the United States

This is a sampling of announcements Hillel has received and may not be up to date or complete.

  • Machon Kaplan. June 20-Aug 1. Social Action Summer Internship and Study Program for College Students at the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism in Washington D.C. Intern at socially progressive organizations, receive 6 credits from Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion, live together, and participate in social, cultural and religious events. Sponsored by Kesher, Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism, and Hebrew Union College. More info and application at RAC website.
  • Eisendrath Legislative Assistant Fellowship. Advocate in Washington DC for Jewish Values and Social Justice. A one year fellowship for recent grads at the Reform Jewish Movement's Religious Action Center. LAs take part in a wide range of social action programming, coordinating special events, creating educational materials, planning and running weekend conferences for teens and mobilizing the grassroots of American Jewry. More info and application at RAC website.
  • Hillel's Steinhardt Jewish Campus Service Corps seeks Fellows.
    Hillel is seeking recent college graduates with excellent interpersonal skills, a passion for Jewish life, and demonstrated leadership development skills to fill spring semester positions in Hillel's Steinhardt Jewish Campus Service Corps (and next academic year). For further information or to apply, contact Ganzeh Galus Guide or Hollis Kramer, (202) 857-6531.
  • Avodah: The Jewish Service Corps.
    AVODAH is a year-long program combining front-line anti-poverty work, Jewish study, and community building. It provides an opportunity for you to live out and deepen your commitments to Jewish life and social change through a year of work in low-income communities in New York City or Washington, DC. One of the most exciting aspects of AVODAH is the opportunity to live with other corps members.
  • Apply for a position as a counselor, specialist or staff member at a Jewish summer camp at
  • Dorot One Year Public Sector Immersion Fellowship for recent grads.
    The Dorot Fellowship in Israel provides opportunities for post-collegiate, North American Jews in their twenties and thirties to spend a year engaged and immersed in Israeli life. Fellows distribute their time between part-time study at one of several approved institutions, and an internship in the field of their choice. The highly competitive fellowship places special emphasis on learning Hebrew, living independently with Israelis, and becoming involved in Israeli society. The deadline for applications for next academic year usually is in early January. Candidates are chosen from a wide range of academic, professional, religious, and geographic backgrounds and should have demonstrated leadership in their academic and professional careers. No prior experience with Jewish organizations or knowledge of Hebrew is required. Contact Daniel Stein at the Dorot Foundation, 401-351-8866 ext. 11 for applications and information. Applications available at Dorot's website.
  • The Conservative Yeshiva in Jerusalem Now Enrolling Students for next academic year.
    Situated in downtown Jerusalem, the Conservative Yeshiva is a full-time program for students from all backgrounds interested in learning text skills at all levels. The Yeshiva combines the intense learning of Tanach, Talmud, Midrash, and Jewish thought, with a commitment to bringing that knowledge back to students' home communities throughout North America. 40 full-time students are currently attending the Yeshiva. Students are encouraged to register early to ensure a place for the upcoming year. Contact Joel Berman or Joshua Kulp, 2 Agron P.O. Box 7456, Jerusalem, Israel 94265; 972-2-626-6386;
  • Washington Institute for Jewish Leadership and Values.
    WIJLV is looking for a recent university graduate with interests in politics and Judaism to serve as the Institute's Katz Fellow. By working with the Institute staff in preparations and ground support for educational seminars for Jewish teens, fellows gain experience in a broad range of skills required for work in the Jewish community. Additionally, Fellows are exposed to Washington, DC's political players and issues. The Katz Fellowship offers a competitive stipend. Contact Jerry Kiewe (301) 770-5070 or fax resume to 301-770-6365.
  • Israel Based Learning Opportunity for Graduating Students.
    Beit Midrash/A Liberal Yeshiva is now accepting applicants. The program is a joint project of the Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion and the World Union for Progressive Judaism, in cooperation with the Reconstructionist Rabbinical college and the Leo Baeck College. Students may enroll for a semester or a full year at intermediate or advanced levels. Part time options are available. A college degree and some knowledge of Hebrew is required. This summer, an intensive short term study option is also being offered. Hillel professionals visiting Israel are invited to spend a day attending classes. Contact Rabbi Naamah Kelman (212) 824-2240.
  • Full Tuition Merit Scholarships Available for Entering RRC Rabbinical Students.
    The Reconstructionist Rabbinical College (RRC) has announced the establishment of two new full-tuition scholarships that include partial living expenses for rabbinical students entering RRC. Students applying for the merit-based scholarships for fall must have applications completed by the prior March 1. The scholarships are renewable for up to five year for students who maintain their academic standing at the College. Other scholarship and fellowship opportunities are also available.
    Located in suburban Philadelphia, RRC prepares rabbis for congregational pulpits, chaplaincy, communal organizations, Jewish education, and offers a special Hillel professional track. RRC creates a community dedicated to Jewish learning, and committed to diversity and pluralism. The College fosters an informal participatory atmosphere. Contact the Office of Admissions, Reconstructionist Rabbinical College, 1299 Church Rd., Wyncote PA 19095 (215) 576-0800 ext. 35;, or visit the RRC website.
  • Hillel Scholarships for Ben-Gurion University.
    Undergraduate students interested in attending Ben-Gurion next year for a semester or the full year are encouraged to apply for Hillel scholarships -- applications are available at Hillel International's website or contact Laura Siegel, (202) 857-6559.
  • Internships at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.
    The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum has college student internships available in Holocaust Research and Museum Studies during the Fall, Spring, and Summer. There are paid and unpaid internships, and full and part-time options are available. Contact Internship Coordinator, Office of Volunteer and Intern Services, US Holocaust Memorial Museum, 100 Raoul Wallenberg Place, SW, Washington, DC 20024-2150; (202) 479-9738. Applications will be accepted online via:
  • Environmental Studies Program Offered by Arava Institute.
    The Arava Institute for Environmental Studies at Kibbutz Kitura offers Egyptian, Israeli, Jordanian, Palestinian and overseas students a hands-on academic program focusing on the regional environment. The program is conducted in English. Transcripts are issued from Tel Aviv University's Overseas Program and are accepted at most major universities in the USA and Canada. The program provides a balanced scientific, political and social understanding of complex environmental issues. Applications are available on the Arava Institute website . Contact Sharon, 972-7-635-6618, 972-7-635-6465-fax.
  • CAJE Seeks Summer Interns. The Coalition for the Advancement of Jewish Education (CAJE) is planning its 29th annual Conference on Alternatives in Jewish Education. In preparation , CAJE has openings for two summer interns. Interns are paid a stipend and handle a variety of tasks for 10-15 weeks leading up to and including the Conference. See the CAJE website or Contact Darone Ruskay, 212.268.4210.
  • Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism Seeks Legislative Assistant.
    The Washington office of the Reform Jewish movement is now seeking applications for six Eisendrath Legislative Assistants in the fall. The Legislative Assistants will be engaged in every facet of the Center's work as they track and analyze legislation, research issues, represent the Reform movement in key coalitions, lobby Congressional offices, and do the daily work of social justice. The program will run from mid-August for one year. The deadline for applications is mid-March. More info and application at RAC website.
  • Hillel and Jewish communal jobs.
    The National Hillel office maintains extensive job and internship listings. Contact Ganzeh Galus Guide and ask to be put on National Hillel's weekly email list.
    Click for Salt Lake City/Park City Jewish job listings.

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