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Cheap Calls to Israel

Internet search done Sept 2007

Unless noted, rates are per minute, rounded up to one minute, with no monthly fee.

CC indicates dial-around services: you dial a local or 800 number to connect to the service, then dial the Israel number. Rates do not include the local call.

PC services use the internet for the first segment: you dial from your PC, using the PC's microphone and speaker.

Most of these services also offer cheap rates in the other direction.

Carrier type rate to call Israeli
land lines / cellphones
notes CC 4¢ / 8.55¢ "Clear" plan CC 3.5¢ / 11¢ Standard plan. Additional 1¢/min for 800 number. CC 4.6¢ / 11¢  
Qwest International Add-on Plan   9¢ / 17¢ $4 per month PC 1.5¢ / 8.8¢