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  • Study or Work in Israel. The Jerusalem Report prepares a superb guide to dozens of Israel-based programs annually in October or November. Contact information for and descriptions of some of the most popular Israel programs appear on Ganzeh Galus Guide's Israel Programs; Summer, Semester & Year Programs Page. For still more, see The Israel Experience, the W.Z.O. Israel site, or the W.Z.O. U.S.D. (University Student Dep't) North American site (1- 800-27ISRAEL).
  • Term, summer and longer programs including kibbutz (ulpan and volunteer); university summer, semester, one year, Junior Year Abroad and graduate study programs; yeshiva and rabbinical academies from Reconstructionist to Orthodox; archaeological digs; kibbutz study programs on kibbutz, environmental issues and more; Hebrew and Yiddish language study; summer schools in the US, Israel and Europe; arts programs in Israel, Young Professionals internships in Israel, aliyah and more. Scholarship assistance is available for many of the programs. Check out our Programs page.

    W.Z.O. U.S.D. will set up a "Israel Information Fair" on request on campus. Call (800) 27-ISRAEL. See what you are missing: take a web-tour of Jerusalem at Jerusalem Mosaic.

  • Israel News Services. Read, listen to or watch the news in English or Hebrew. See Ganzeh Galus Guide's listings of Jewish and Israeli Media links.
  • Israeli Politics and Culture on the Web. See our Israel and Hebrew web links listings.
  • Telephone Israel. See our listings of cheap phone service to Israel.
  • More Study Opportunities Domestically and Abroad. Check our Summer, Semester, and Study Abroad page for extensive listings of Israeli University One Year programs, Summer Schools, and our Conferences page for out-of-town conferences, short term study opportunities and courses.


Here are some ideas for projects you could organize. Or borrow an idea from a large, well-funded Hillel, such as Harvard Hillel or Hillel: The Foundation for Jewish Campus Life's X-Change listing of successful programing from small and large Hillels around the country. International Hillel grants and some local funding are available for both student and faculty initiated projects.

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