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The Announce list is for notices and discussion for the Campus Jewish community and is Hillel's primary means of communication. To reduce traffic, we have three more limited lists: The Student list is for items primarily of interest to students, the Minyan list is for Minyan Netivot (a monthly Shabbat morning prayer and study group for campus affiliates and friends) and the Politics list is for discussion and debate of political issues. You may change your subscription options at any time by going to or by contacting Ganzeh Galus Guide at

Would you be interested in organizing or participating in any of the following activities?

Activity Participate Organize
Holidays and Shabbat    
High Holidays -- traditional services
High Holidays -- English/Reform services
Campus Succah
Purim Spiel or Party
Purim Food Distribution
Student Seder
Shabbat Evening (Friday) Pot Luck
Shabbat Morning (Sat.) Minyan/Chavura
Teach, Learn or Lead Shabbat Services
Cookout/Minyan in the Mountains
Social Get Togethers
Social Action    
Political Action
Civil Rights
Xmas at the Homeless Shelter
Senior Citizens/Jewish Family Services
Habitat for Humanity
Mazon: A Jewish Response to Hunger
Student Seder
National Hillel Leadership Conference
UJA Leadership Conferences
Fundraising for UJA, New Israel Fund and/or local needs
Holocaust Week
Jewish Feminist Chavura/Discussion Group
Jewish Men Chavura/Discussion Group
Jewish Gay/Lesbian Chavura/Discussion Group
Hebrew Conversation Group    
Fluent Speakers
Beginning Speakers
Activity Participate Organize
Cultural & Educational Activities    
jUdance Utah Jewish Film Festival
Teach in Local Jewish School
Speaker's Series
Join JCC for $25/year (students only)
Yiddish Songfest / Klezmer Party
Teach Adult Education Course
Visit Clarion
Oral History Project
Teach-in on Jewish Nationalism
Study Day
Jewish Theater (performance)
Social Get Togethers
Food - Cooking or Eating
Skiing, Hiking, Biking, Climbing, Rafting
Basketball, Baseball, Tennis, etc.
Pizza & a Movie
Study Groups    
Yiddish Literature/Poetry (translation)
Israeli Short Stories (in Hebrew)
Jewish Short Stories/Poetry (in English)
Topics in Jewish Law
Jewish Jokes
Hillel Leadership    
Ganzeh Galus Guide Leadership Board
University of Utah Interfaith Council
National Hillel (and other) Conferences
Koach (Conservative students) activities
Kesher (Reform students) activities

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