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Hanukah Songs

1. Candle Blessings:

  • Baruch atah Adonay
    Elohenu malech haolam
    Asher kid'shanu b'mitzvotav
    Vitzivanu l'hadlik ner
    Shel Hanukkah.
  • Baruch ata Adonay
    Elohenu melech haolam
    Sheh asa nisim laavotenu
    Bayamim hamem bazman hazeh.
  • (first night only)

    Baruch atah Adonay
    Elohenu melech haolam
    Shehecheyanu v'kiy'manu
    V'higianu lazman hazeh.

2. On This Night

On this night, let us light
One little candle fire.
Tis a sight, oh, so bright,
One little candle fire.

They say fight for the right,
Say little candle fires.
So this night let us light
One little candle fire.

3. S'vivon

S'vivon, sov, sov, sov.
Chanukah hu chag tov.
Chanukah hu chag tov.
S'vivon, sov, sov, sov.

Chag simcha hu laam.
Nes gadol haya sham.
Nes gadol haya sham.
Chag simcha hu laam.

(Repeat first stanza).

4. Dreyd'l Song

(1) I have a little dreyd'l
I made it out of clay
And when it's dry and ready
Then dreyd'l I shall play.

Oh dreyd'l, dreyd'l, dreyd'l
I made it out of clay
Oh dreyd'l, dreyd'l, dreyd'l
Now dreyd'l I shall play.

(2) It has a lovely body
With leg so short and thin.
Oh dreyd'l, dreyd'l, dreyd'l
It drops and then I win.

(Oh dreyd'l,....)

(3) My dreyd'l's always playful
It loves to dance and spin
A happy game of dreyd'l
Come play--now let's begin.

Oh dreyd'l, dreyd'l, dreyd'l
It loves to dance and spin
Oh dreyd'l, dreyd'l, dreyd'l
Come play--now let's begin.

5. Chanukah Pancakes

(1) Bring the flour from the bin
Pour the oil from the tin.
Chanukah is here.
Festival so dear.
La la la .........

(2) Mix the flour so snowy white
With the oil so golden bright
That's how Mother makes
Chanukah pancakes.
La la la.......

(3) Add an egg; the batter's done
And some sugar; oh what fun.
Come now, take your seats,
Steaming pancakes eat.
La la la ...............

6. Rock of Ages

(1) Rock of ages, let our song
Praise Thy saving power.
Thou amidst the raging foes
Wast our sheltering tower.
Furious they assailed us,
But Thine arm availed us.
And Thy word broke their sword
When our own srength failed us.

(2) Children of the martyr race,
Whether free or fettered,
Wake the echoes of the songs
Where ye may be scattered.
Yours the message cheering
That the time is nearing
Which will see all men free
Tyrants disappearing.

7. Maoz Tsur

Maoz tsur y'shuati l'cha neh l'shabeach
Tiken beyt t'filati v'sham toda n'zabeach.
L'et tachin matbeach mitsar ham'nabeach,
As egmor b'shir mizmor, Chanukaat hamizbeach.

(Repeat first stanza)

8. Chanukah Song

Oh Chanukah, oh Chanukah
Come light the Menorah.
Let's have a party
We'll all dance the Horah.
Gather round the table
We'll give you a treat.
S'vivonim to play with 
L'vivot to eat.

And while we are playing 
The candles are burning low, 
One for each night, they shed a sweet light 
To remind us of days long ago.

9. Who Can Retell

  Who can retell the things that befell us,
  Who can count them?
   In every age a hero or sage
  Came to our aid;
  Hark!  At this time of year in days of yore
  Maccabees the Temple did  restore;
  And today our people as we dreamed will arise,
  Unite and be redeemed!

(Repeat first stanza)

10. Mi Y'malel

Mi y'malel g'vurot Yisrael?
Otan mi yimne?
Hen b'chol dor yakum hagibor
Goel haam.

Sh'ma!  Bayamim hahem baz'man haze,
Makabi, moshia unfodeh.
Uv, yamenu kol am Yisrael.
Yitached, yakim l'higael.

(Repeat first stanza)

11. Latkes (Tune: "O Chanukah")

Each Chanukah we glorify Brave Judas Maccabeus
Who had the courage to defy Antiochus, and free us.
Yet it is not fair that we should forget
 Mrs. Maccabeus, whom we owe a debt.

 She mixed it, she fixed it,
She poured it into a bowl.
You may NOT guess
 But it was the LATKES
That gave brave Judas a soul.

(Repeat last three lines)

The Syrians said "it cannot be"
That old Mattathias
Whose years are more than eighty-three
Will dare to defy us!"
But they didn't know his secret,   you see,
Mattathias dined on latkes and tea.

    One latke, two latkes
    And so on into the night.
    You may NOT guess
    But it was the LATKES
    That gave him courage to fight.

Now this is how it came about
This gastronomic wonder
That brake the ranks of Syria
Like flaming bolts of thunder. 
Mrs. Maccabeus wrote in the dough
Portions of the Torah, then fried them so.

    They shimmered, they simmered,
    Absorbing the olive oil.
    You may NOT guess
    But it was the LATKES
    That made the Syrians recoil.

Now these little latkes
Brown and delicious
Must have hit the spot 'cause
With appetites vicious
All the heroes downed them after their toil,
Causing in our Temple a shortage of oil.

    One latke, two latkes
    And so on into the night
    You may NOT guess
    But it was the LATKES
    That gave us the Chanukah light.

12. Chanukah

Chanukah, Chanukah
Chag yafe kol kach.
Or chaviv misaviv,
Gil l'yeled rach.
Chanuka, Chanuka
S'vivon, sov, sov.
Sov, sov, sov, sov, sov, sov,
 Ma naim vatov.

13. Spin S'vivon

(1)    Spin, spin spin, spin spin, s'vivon
 From Jerus'lem to Givon.
 Spin to Beth El
And from there to Jezreel.
 Spin away, spin away
Greet the happy holiday
 Spin, spin, s'vivon
 Hurry, scurry to Givon.

 (2)    Spin, spin spin, spin spin
 From Jerus'lem to Givon.
Join the Chanukah ring
Now's the time to dance and sing.
They found oil for the lights
And it burned eight wondrous nights.
That's the story you tell
  S'vivon, we know it well.

Happy Hanukah

Time of Our Freedom

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