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  • Tzedakah and Political Action. For some ideas & projects, visit Hillel International Center's Jewish Advocacy Network page or its notice about "Tzedek Hillel." For a different perspective, visit the Association for Civil Rights in Israel.

  • Jewish Family Services. Most local Jewish Family Services offices offer community programs including counseling and psychotherapy for students, other individuals and families; senior adult services including consultation, referral, and coordination of care; refugee resettlement; and an interest free loan program.

  • Fundraising, for the New Israel Fund, Federation/UJA, Jewish Fund for Justice, Mazon: A Jewish Response to Hunger, Shalom Akhshav / Peace Now or others.
  • National Activities, including Hillel Young Leadership seminars, student missions, etc. Scholarships and/or travel subsidies are available for most of these -- including a $350 trip to Jerusalem for student writers. Visit Ganzeh Galus Guide's Conferences, etc. page for details.
  • Jewish, Yiddish, Hebrew and Israeli Films: Visit the Jewish Film Page for full information on renting videos for home viewing, film studies, Sundance, etc.
  • Jewish Music. For information on Jewish music on the web, including klezmer, Shabbat z'mirot, religious and non-religious songs and Israeli, see our Jewish Music Page.

  • Jewish Books. The New York Public Library and many universities have superb collections. Or see our Jewish bookstore listings.

  • Baseball. Take Me Out To The Baseball Game sung in Yiddish by Mandy Patinkin, from Tara Jewish Music.
  • Israeli Folkdancing. National information at the Israeli Dance Page.

  • Jewish & Kosher Food by mail-order or internet. Visit our Jewish Food Page for information on local restaurants, recipes and local and national food sources, or help in keeping Kosher in the Galut.

    Submit your favorite recipes, local stores or mail order sources and we'll post them.

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