By purchasing Israeli products and services we will support the Israeli economy.  Since September 2000 tourism in Israel is down by 70%.  This enormous drop in tourism badly hurts Israel’s local merchants. During these days of trouble let’s help Israel by shopping.

We have created this flyer to help you find and buy quality Israeli products and services in our local stores and on the Internet. If you know more local stores that sell Israeli products please call Alexis (582-9431) or Orly (582-7773) or Drora (277-8953).



GROCERIES in SLC stores:


Albertson’s (1700 S. 900 E.) – Telma bouillon cubes for soup, hummus, tehina

Café On-Main (2701 S. Main St.) - Halva

Dan’s (Foothill Village) - Telma bouillon cubes for soup, hummus, tehina

Dan’s (3981 S. Wasatch Blvd.) - Telma bouillon cubes for soup, Osem tea biscuits

Kosher on the Go (1575 S. 1100 E.) – various snacks (i.e. Bamba)

Pars Persian Market (3939 South Highland Dr.)(272-2822) - halva, chocolate and date spread, Israeli cheese, pickles and some Israeli sweets

International Market (3300 S., 2300 E.) – Beit-Hashita pickles and olives, Elite Coffee

Smith’s (3171 E. 3300S.) - Israeli pasta, Telma bouillon cubes for soup, Osem tea biscuits, Elite chocolate coins

Target (Fort Union) – Adin wafers


INTERNET SITES                         GET YOUR GIFTS HERE!


Art -    (Israel Museum gift shop, Jerusalem)


Beauty products -  ,,

Cakes for friends in Israel –

Flags, pins &

Flowers for friends in Israel – or call Esti at 011-972-54788732

Gifts (Israel army-navy store, Ben Yehuda St. Jerusalem)

   (Old City, Jerusalem), (soap), (talit), (Judaica)

Music –

Pizza, Ice Cream, hot soup or Hamburger for soldiers –,

Miscellaneous -


Search engine guides to Israeli products -,,,,




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