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Professor & Director of Ph.D. Program in Applied Organizational Psychology
Department of Psychology
Hofstra University
Phone: (516) 463 6298
Fax: (516) 463 6354
Email: cong.liu@hofstra.edu

Dr. Cong Liu joined the I/O program at Hofstra University in Fall, 2007. She earned her Ph.D. in I/O Psychology from the University of South Florida. Her research interests lay in the field of occupational health psychology. Her current research focuses on workplace mistreatment, such as workplace conflict, workplace ostracism, and abusive supervision. She is particularly interested in individual value of harmony and how harmony affects employees experience of, perception, and reaction to workplace mistreatment.

Her second research area focuses on different mechanisms of challenge and hindrance stressors. She is interested in how individual difference (e.g., self-efficacy) plays a role in coping with challenge and hindrance stressors.

She has done research in major job stressors such as lack of job autonomy and organizational constraints. She has also published research in cross-cultural job stress, and cross-cultural methodology, such as measurement equivalence/invariance. Her research has appeared on Journal of Applied Psychology, Journal of Management, Journal of Organizational Behavior, Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology, Journal of Occupational Health Psychology, Journal of Business and Psychology, Applied Psychology: An International Review, etc.

Her teaching interests focus on Statistics, Occupational Health Psychology, Performance Management, Organizational Behavior, and Motivation.