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  Claire K. Lindgren  
    Hi! Welcome to my faculty website. Probably the first thing you would be interested in learning about me is my philosophy about the teaching of my subject, Art History. For me, "Art is the Mirror of History." Just as a mirror reflects an image of a person, the art and architecture of a period are visual reflections of the history of an era. While one can and should respond to works of art guided by an inner feeling, there is much more to understanding art. To fully appreciate a work the intent of the artist and his patron must be considered. The formal style, the iconography, and the social and economic situation that existed when the work was created all come into play in such an examination. This is the way I approach my subject both in teaching and also in my research activities.
    The courses I teach here at Hofstra run the gamut from introductory courses such as AH 003 — Gods and Kings and AH 004 — Religion, Rulers and Rebellion which are consecutive surveys covering art from prehistory through to the present. The purpose of these courses is to enhance the student's perception of the world of the visual arts through stylistic and iconographic study of works within their cultural context.
    The more specialized courses which I teach are AH 101 — Ancient Art which concentrates on the art and architecture of the classical world of Greece and Rome relating it to the earlier art of non European cultures in Africa, the Near East and the Celtic world: AH 102 — Medieval Art which covers art from the collapse of the ancient world to the earliest beginnings of the Renaissance: AH 106 — Italian Renaissance Art: (subject self explanatory): AH 119 — 19th Century Painting in Europe (self explanatory): and AH 161 — The Art of Personal Adornment which analyzes the development of design in clothing and personal decoration from antiquity to the present. I also supervise tutorials (AH 151 — Readings in Art History) and internships (AH 168) at well known museums and galleries.
    All in all, I teach the subject that I

Claire Lindgren


love and at the same time conduct research to expand knowledge even further.
    In May 2001 I was the only American scholar invited to lecture in Cologne on one of my favorite topics the "provincialization" of Roman art. This lecture was published in Europe in 2003. In May 2003, I was again the only American scholar invited to present a paper and chair a session at an international conference in Zagreb, Croatia. My work was enthusiastically received and has been published in Europe in 2005. Earlier in my career my book on provincialization in art won an international competition. I have been the recipient of other awards since receiving my Ph.D. from Columbia University in NYC. I actually hold 5 degrees an A.A.S. from the Fashion Institute of Technology, a B.A. magna cum laude, from SUNY Stony Brook, an M.A. and M. Phil. as well as the Ph.D. from Columbia. I write on many art historical subjects and am currently writing a large book on personal adornment.
    My hobbies include sailing and travel, I have traveled to all the areas I teach about and use slides taken on my trips during my lectures. I suppose one could say my hobbies and my work are basically one in the same. I hope the above answers any questions you may have about me, if not please do not hesitate to call or Email I would be happy to respond to your questions.
    This Spring I am teaching AH 102, AH 004, and AH 161. This coming Fall, 2006, I will be teaching in the First Year Connections Program, as well as AH 003 and AH 101.