General Philosophy Journals at Hofstra

Each of the titles below is linked to Hofstra Library’s portal for online access. Off-campus access requires a Hofstra network log-in. In each case, the link directs to the newest available issues, so if you’re interested in older ones you should check on availability through Hofstra Library’s Journal Finder. Open-access titles are linked directly to the journal webpages.

Two good databases for searching for research in philosophy are PhilPapers (open access) and Philosopher’s Index (accessible through the Hofstra Library site).

Hofstra does not subscribe to the following, so access is through Interlibrary Loan only:

See also my pages for Philosophy of Science and Related Journals (history of science and medicine, bioethics, science studies) and Ecology and Environment Journals. More resources may be found at the sites for Hofstra's Philosophy Department and Hofstra's Minor in Philosophy of Science.

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