Some recent classes

Anthony Dardis, Hofstra University

Course name Course number Semester
Metaphysics Phi 180B Spring 2016
Honors College: Culture and Expression HUHC 12 Spring 2016
The Meaning of Life Phi 14F Fall 2015
Honors College: Culture and Expression HUHC 11 Fall 2015
Free Will Phi 26 Spring 2014
Philosophy of Mind (Focus: Pain) Phi 164 Spring 2014
Harry Potter and Philosophy Phi 181Q Fall 2013
Introduction to Cognitive Science CGS 10 Spring 2013
"Ghost in the machine" Phi 14F Fall 2012
Philosophy of mind (Focus: Animal Minds) Phi 164 Spring 2011
Philosophy of mind (focus: mental causation) Phi 164 Spring 2009
First Order Logic Phi 154 Spring 2008
Philosophy of Language (focus: meaning and behavior) Phi 165 Spring 2008
Philosophy of Mind (focus: color) Phi 181 Spring 2005


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