College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Department of Religion


Dr. Ann Burlein
Dept of Religion
112 Heger Hall


Fall 2018
MW 2:20-3:45
HPR 179D Bioethics for Public Health
MW 4:30-5:55
RELI 89 (CC, HP) Dying Across Cultures

Other Courses:

WST 150T Intersectionality
RELI 30 Paganism and Magic
RELI 86 Religion and Medicine

RELI 88 Alternative Medicine & Religion
RELI 100 Modern Religious Thought
RELI 109 Sex & the Body
HUHC 20F Making Babies: Religion and Reproductive Technologies
RELI 150 Approaches to the Study of Religion
RELI 26 Buddhism in the U.S.
RELI 72N Living w/ Great Thinkers: Nietzsche
RELI 75 -- Mysticism & Spiritual Quest
RELI 125 Buddhism & Psychology
RELI 88 Alternative Medicine & Religion
RELI 45 Cults
RELI 10 What is Religion?

RELI 89 proposed

RELI 89 proposed Palo 

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