Amy Karofsky


Associate Professor of Philosophy

212 Heger Hall

Hofstra University

Hempstead, NY 11549-1150








In the Department of Philosophy at Hofstra University, I teach Ancient and Medieval Philosophy, Atheism, and Philosophic Themes in Film.


I used to work on the philosophy of Augustine, Aquinas, Suárez, Descartes, Leibniz, and Spinoza, focusing particular attention upon each philosopher’s attempt to reconcile genuine contingency in a world created by a necessary being.


I now work to defend the doctrine of necessitarianism – the doctrine that everything about the world is absolutely necessary, and nothing could have been otherwise.


My recent CV


Some of my recent classes:

Ancient and Medieval Philosophy

Philosophy of Religion

Philosophy Through Film


Some of my published papers:

Descartes is not a Conceptualist

Suárez's Influence on Descartes's Theory of Eternal Truths

God, Modalities, and Conceptualism

Suárez' Doctrine of Eternal Truths

The Primitiveness of Leibnizian Alethic Modalities


Some of my unpublished papers:

A Meta-Modal Refutation of Contingentarianism

A Necessitarian Account of Counterfactuals

On Dispositions

Contingency and Necessity in Dispositional Essentialism

The Error in Contingentarian Thinking