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Dr. Ronald J. Sarno, Ph. D.,  Assistant Professor                      


 Hofstra University                                                          office: 516-463-4266
Department of Biology - 228 Gittleson Hall                           fax: 516-463-5112
Hempstead, NY 11549-1000                          e-mail: ronald.sarno@hofstra.edu

Radio collared puma in Chilie with the team     Radio collared puma in Chilie with the team (Karen's happy he's asleep)

Welcome to my website.

I consider myself to be an ecologist who integrates molecular ecology, behavioral ecology, evolution, and population biology to address fundamental questions at the interface of ecology and conservation of vertebrates. I combine field observations, field experiments, modeling techniques, and laboratory analyses to answer specific questions at the organismal, population, and species level. Much of my research has focused on the population ecology, evolution, and behavior of mammals, primarily ungulates, due to my interest in how genetic polymorphism is maintained in natural populations as influenced by mating system, social behavior, and population dynamics. Although much of my research has revolved around the wild South American camelids, I am not restricted to the study of any one taxon. Rather, I strive to ask interesting and relevant questions regarding conservation, ecology, and evolution.

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