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Dr. Maura Mills, Ph.D.

Welcome to my website! Please feel free to explore the site to learn more about me, my teaching, and my research, and to find links to various resources that may be of interest and/or help to you.


I began teaching at Hofstra in the HCLAS Department of Psychology in Fall 2010, after completing my graduate education and after having various I/O experiences in the "corporate world." In Spring 2012, I also took on teaching responsibilities within the Frank G. Zarb School of Business at Hofstra, and in Fall 2014 I became the Director of Internships for the I/O masters program.

I thoroughly enjoy the various aspects of my position at Hofstra, and am lucky enough to be one of those people who really love their job (yes, we do exist!). My students are enthusiastic, my colleagues are productive, and the campus is, of course, gorgeous. When I'm sitting in my office in Hauser Hall, immersed in data analysis or lecture prep, it's completely rejuvinating to peek out of my window and see students walking across the quad or studying under a tree.

There's certainly something magical about working at a place where learning abounds and where the thirst for knowledge is ever-present. It is, and always will be, a blessing.

If you have further interest in or questions about anything you read here, or about the IOPSA (M.A.) or PAOP (Ph.D.) student groups, for which I am the faculty advisor, please feel free to contact me by any of the methods listed at the top of this page.